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smileMusic Promotion & Project Consultant – Adam Fillary

Having been the architect and managed several music delivery platforms, I have always looked to develop new platforms that help musicians to excel, speed up their development and spread their creativity, whilst giving them a better understanding of how the music industry is evolving, offering practical and tailored advice. 

I’ve specialised in working alongside new & breaking artists, self financed acts and micro/SME businesses. My skills, matched with over 20 years experience show how to create campaigns, phased integration into music opportunities, enhance audience exposure and optimise budgets.

My personal and business aim, is a longer serving development strategy and model that currently cannot be housed or promoted until the technology exists to supply it. In the mean time I have taken to advising acts and venues on setting up best practice and developing ways to engage their potential audiences.

Covering all event formats, developing marketing techniques, advice to both new and established acts, I have seen a better for future for most, although as yet unwritten. Combining technology, education, audience engagement and lifestyle traits, a new horizon for music is being worked upon by my team.

With my experience in festival management, music retail and distribution, event planning and logistics, record label management, magazine publishing and one of the most successful Battle of the Bands (Showcasing) formats to have ever been taken up, the knowledge is now there to serve others wanting to forge a music career and balance music passion and some of life’s challenges!

Credentials and Working Life History

After completing my degree in Music Industry Management (2000) I subsequently spent my final 12 months of employment with Staples UK, having worked for the company for over 5 years as a trouble shooter for UK Stores. In my final year there, I headed up my own stores (High Wycombe) ‘Back to School’ campaign team one final time. Having successfully defended our ‘Best Store’ accolade and broke the sales targets and records once again, I felt then, my skills were limited within this retail sector, and it was my time to move on.

My next phase was to instigate the start of The Rock Matrix Company Ltd (Aug 2002), designed to act as a resource centre for alternative music and fuel real-life activity. Whilst undertaking the building of a social networking platform, online retail, record label output, publishing magazines and facilitating showcases in the South East we had to look at the vehicle we were driving. A Full 10 years later the vehicle we’d created had run its course and delivered as much as it could and no longer financially sustainable.

Since August 2012, I’ve been positioning myself for new challenges. Paying back debts, clearing down paperwork and honouring personal and charity commitments I and the company had made which extended beyond the companies lifetime, thankfully now all delivered.

and….. so to now….. The start of a new phase in my business life, one which will test just how far I can take my vision for a stronger business, capable of delivering unique propositions and acting in the capacity to truly enhance personal lifestyle management and goals.

I’m embarking upon a mission which I realise could shape everyday of the rest of my life. It would be fantastic to find like minded people, driven to succeed and share the vision I and my colleagues share. You are welcome to accompany us.

Welcome to my site, welcome to the architects plans and visions.

Adam Fillary

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