I’ve known Adam for over 15 years and have brought him in to consult
on a few projects I’ve been working on over the years. I have always
been impressed by his attention to detail, and he is particulary good
at spotting patterns in behaviour and nuances in the detail. This
provides an incredible advantage in setting up business procedures and
marketing campaigns that not only impress the target market, but will
– probably more often than not – convince them that the solution on
show is the only solution worth considering.

 Ferenc Collins -PANIC response Ltd

Theres probably a hell of a lot of advice Adam Fillary has given us that we cant remember – purely because he goes so into depths with us and is so passionate with the knowledge he has of our band and the scene and the business and how to help us we cant remember it all!!! Hes been there for us since the beggining and penned us our first gig at the Red Lion in Gravesend. In the last few years he has helped us along our musical adventure and i have been involved with the Red Roar Festivals since 2016 – helping work and play at the events which has been a wonderful experience and have made many friends along the way. Thankyou Adam

Andi Oats – Scars Of Sense

Adam Fillary Consultancy offers a great balance between patience and a no nonsense attitude, a professionalism that enforces great focus and a mindset for exceeding targets. As a Performance coach i am happy to refer my clients to further their career.

Emma-Jane Beaumont – Head of Performance and Confidence Coaches NeuroNotion


Adam Fillary is organised and professional as well as being a ‘big thinker’. What I mean by this is he’ll look at any situation and tell you how you could make it bigger and the best possible path to take to achieve it. He’s mentored me as I have developed my band from a popular local act and turned it into a business model, without sucking all the fun out of it! I’ve seen him help several up and coming bands in the area in a similar way as he pushes them to achieve their potential. He’s great at coordinating large teams of people at his events to ensure they run smoothly (including sound engineers, door staff, merch stalls and competitions), organises the artists (which is no easy task!) and gets the best possible deals with the venue so his customers feel like they’re part of something. In between this all he also found the time to be the personality that drove his events. Adam Fillary has proved himself competent at taking on large tasks and pulling them off. I have no doubt he will use these skills to pull of something huge.

Tom WatlingSilent Descent


Adam Fillary has been nothing short of an inspiration to me. What started out as a bedroom-based hobby (Splintered Soul) quickly turned into a viable music career ambition on the strength of both Adam’s belief in me, and support. Adam taught me how to look at music as a business, how to campaign and gave me the support I needed to both continually challenge myself and to succeed. I can honestly say that Splintered Soul may never have been more than a hobby with a goal of being nothing more than to do a gig had Adam not pushed me to achieve, but 6 years down the line Splintered Soul have performed on 3 out of 4 stages of Bloodstock Open air, been on the front of Metal Hammer Magazine and are in the final steps of a high budget studio recording. I would encourage anyone with ambition to work with this man as he quite literally changed my life.

Chris FrostSplintered Soul

The hardest working promoter, organiser and contact we met in 7 years of gigging throughout the UK. It is only through Adam’s hard work and dedication that he was successful with Darkstore, Unified Sounds, and the Rock Matrix.

Adam facilitated support slots with formidable names such as Blaze Bayley. Gave us access to great venues such as Sound in Leicester Square. We were granted a major festival appearance at Bloodstock Open Air with his support. In addition to all of this he organised professional video and audio live recordings for promotional purposes and put us in touch with the best merchandising deals and opportunities. Simply put none of this would have been possible without his help and support every one in the band owes him a debt of gratitude.

Alex Lewis – Inner Fire

Gigging with Adam I’ve been lucky enough to play well promoted local shows as well as having the opportunity to play bigger, London stages and festival slots. I’ve never played for another promoter who’s put as much back into local music as he has.

Tom FranklinHurry Up Ryan

Since I know Adam is always been a very hard working promoter and an amazing facilitator in all the music industry for both bands and music lovers. I had a pleasure to play for his nights and the atmosphere has always been terrific. He create a whole movement supporting local bands as well as organizing bigger event, he supported live performance and marketing, selling CD’s and Merchandise in his Dark Store though all the major UK festivals. I think all metal scene owns him very much from all the bands he lead to Bloodstock (not yet mine) to every music fan who had a chance to discover new music that otherwise wouldn’t be distributed. I am waiting for his next move, as he always has a next move and it’s always greater than before! Go Adam!

Ays KuraDie Kur/NMTCG