Vizzmee – Virtual Video Business Card

Do you want to make your first impression last? Vizzmee is the ultimate tool to ensure every meeting is personal and contacts never to be forgotten.

With Vizzmee, you can capture and visualise your contacts, using the images of that contact to help identify them and annotate key information you’ve been presented.

The media suite allow you to add data, audio, picture and video files to ensure every asset is stored in the cloud for you to identify with.

Red Roar Jaws of Summer – Double Fest 2018

Red Roar in 2018 brings you 2 dynamic festivals. The ‘Jaws of Summer’ are 2 Festival In May and Late August for 4 day each.

At this stage we encourage artists to use the application form to register their interest and give the organisers a chance to style the festival line ups, based on genre and balancing local and non-local acts.

Let’s make this 40th year of live shows at the Leo’s Red Lion the best year yet!



Kentertain Festival 2018

A New Unique and Dynamic Music-Centric Festival experience.

Delivery a mix of New and established acts and building a daily educational experience to young people and community groups, giving an insight to the music industry.

The site will be live and interactive allowing for those not able to make the site, enjoy the workshops and working examples of the the sites function to help vocational interest.

Further to the mechanical aspects the entertainment will be sourced locally and working with all acts that show dedication and ambition to help present this unique festival.

Do get in touch if you wish to see an event succeed in Kent like no other.


Music Gurus

Whilst operating within the music industry in excess of 12 years, the people that I’ll feature here, are those I contact first when I, or people I work with, need anything done.

The key thing with establishing good contacts, always starts with great communication. People I trust, always make time to deliver on their promises, are pro-active in accelerating the goals of others and fit into the need to know bracket.

By harnessing the skills of others, its not always how much money you can make, sometimes its the quality of the experience you have with them, or the time and money you actually save by cutting through the noise resonating through the music industry atmosphere.

So these are the people I share my inspirations with and I hope you’ll find the same values in this great group of people.


Clive Leighton Face for Website

Clive Leighton

Clive’s particularly passionate on developing our existing arrangements with venues, theaters, cinemas and arenas and welcome budding/ experienced journalists and photographers who want to expand their portfolio with previews, interviews and reviews of performers and performances.